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Computerized technique used to evaluate a patient's gait function and pressure distribution.

Computerized Gait Analysis:

Early Detection Prevents Foot Ulcers

A five minute computerized gait analysis can help your doctor identify abnormal rotation and pressure on the bottom of your feet with each step you take. This information can assist in making a diabetic insole for your shoes which can off-load these imbalances by up to 66%, often enough to avoid skin breakdown and ulceration in the neuropathic diabetic patient.

Abnormal function and pressure of the foot can cause skin breakdown and ulceration in the diabetic

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3-D evaluation of foot pressure after 5 minute computerized gait analysis exam.

As the patient walks across the digital sensor mat, 960 electronic measurement points scan the foot in motion 30 times per second to determine the exact pattern of weight distribution throughout the stride. This information is can be used, if necessary, to prescribe and make a customized diabetic insole or orthotic.