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Athlete’s Foot or Psoriasis, Which is It?

Many times, people who have foot itchiness, redness, and flaking come into our office befuddled, as they have seen a dermatologist in the past for a problem that has had no resolution!  Itchy feet, sores, dead skin, flakiness, pain, chronic dryness… these are all symptoms that many of our patients complain of.  It is often difficult to tell the difference between Athlete’s Foot and Psoriasis, and they are often confused.  At Foot and Ankle Affiliates of Central NJ, P.C., we often have people come visit us who are experiencing these problems.  Recently, a patient came in exhibiting symptoms of chronic dry skin, extensive callouses, itchiness of the soles and between the toes, and patches of skin missing in areas where she had scratched it off!  Pretty terrible, right?  This particular patient told us she had been experiencing these symptoms on and off for years, and had seen two different dermatologists for the problem.  One of the doctor told her it “could be psoriasis or eczema”, and prescribed a course of Clobetasol ointment.  As this didn’t help, she tried using shea butter on her feet.  This helped a little, but did not correct the problem. 

Hence, her visit to our office.  The problem with these two conditions is that they are often confused for one another… However, there are differences between the two.  Here are some of the ways to tell the difference between the two afflictions:

  • Psoriasis shows itself in red, patches of skin often covered in silvery-whitish colored scales/ Athlete’s foot looks more like a red, scaly rash with peeling skin.
  • Psoriasis makes the person experience itching and burning.  Athlete’s foot makes the person experience itching and burning on and around the rash.
  • Psoriasis creates pain on or around the scales.  Athlete’s foot creates small blisters or ulcers on the foot.
  • Psoriasis makes the skin dry and cracked and it may bleed.  Athlete’s foot creates a chronic dryness on the foot.
  • Psoriasis creates a general soreness and swollen, painful joints, and pitted or thickened nails.  Athlete’s foot causes scaling on the heel that extends up the sides of the foot. 

Hopefully this has shed a little light as to which condition you may be experiencing.  Call us at either of our two convenient  locations  in Toms River or Eatontown if you are experiencing the annoying symptoms of athlete’s foot, or any other foot condition you may be suffering from.  Dr. Abrams is here to give your feet back the comfort they so greatly desire!

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