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The Annoying, Aggravating Athlete’s Foot!

Who gets athlete’s foot?  Are you thinking an athlete when you first hear this question?  Well, true - however, so very many other people deal with this affliction at some point in their lives.  Basically anyone can get athlete’s foot.  Two things need to happen for someone to get it… 

1. Their bare feet are exposed to a certain kind of fungus. 

2. That fungus is able to grow- basically it has the right environment to thrive.  

Any place that’s hot and moist will do the trick.  Hmmm, just like sneakers, or any shoe that’s remotely constricting, for that matter!  

Athlete’s foot is annoying!  It has a way of being hard to get rid of.  Many people have it on and off for years on end!  Why? Well, the problem is re-infection.  The fungal infection may be under control, and the feet are resembling their earlier healthier state, and the sufferer is feeling like he or she is out of the woods.  But BOOM! PUT ON A SHOE THAT HAS THE FUNGUS IN IT- AND YOUR HEALTHY FOOT STATUS CAN CHANGE BY BEING RE-EXPOSED TO THE FUNGUS!  Athlete’s foot rears its ugly head, once again!

Foot & Ankle Affiliates of Central NJ, P.C. sees this scenario again and again when patients come to see him, complaining of a case of athlete’s foot that just won’t get the hint, and GO AWAY!!    Their feet are dry, itchy, scaly, callused, bumpy, red, “cheesy-looking”, smelly, & raw!!  Not a good time!

So, if this sounds familiar, contact usDr. Abrams has two convenient central NJ locations  in Toms River and Eatontown where he can be reached.  In the office, he can identify the athlete’s foot fungus, or determine if it is, in fact something else!  Sometimes, it can be another foot condition that is plaguing you.  It’s even possible that you are allergic to a material in the shoes you are wearing.  

If it is athlete’s foot, treatment is usually quite simple, so worry no longer!  Dr. Abrams will prescribe a special cream that will kill the fungus, and then there are some simple measures to take at home to keep it away for good!

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