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Vacation Awaits-Healthy Feet and You Have a Date!

So, are you one of the lucky people out there heading to a tropical paradise?  Or anywhere warm, for that matter?!!  If you are suffering from the winter blues, a reprieve to a warm location is a dream come true!  Yet… many people don’t take the greatest care of their feet during the winter months.  Are your feet neglected?  Do you have athlete’s foot, calluses, or are unsightly bunions or corns plaguing you?  Your feet may need a big dose of TLC if they’re about to be exposed for all to see!  What to do?  Well, here are some tips to get those feet into tip top shape…

  •  First of all, if you are having any foot problems, make an appointment with Dr. Abrams as soon as possible.
  •  Have any issues examined and treated.
  •  Keep your feet clean and dry.
  •  Use a “foot scraper” to remove extra calluses and dry skin.
  •  Get a professional pedicure, if possible.
  •  If a pedicure isn’t possible, cut your toenails, being careful to cut straight across. 
  • Use absorbent powder in your shoes, and wear shoes with breathable fabric.
  • Once those tootsies are in that sunny paradise, be sure to slather sunscreen on the tops of your feet! (Yes, feet can get sunburned, which can be very painful, and dangerous if it happens repeatedly).

If you are walking around a pool, be sure to wear flip flops or water shoes.  It’s always smart to avoid going barefoot in public pool areas.  That way, you can avoid athlete’s foot, or any other funguses lurking there.  

So, enjoy that vacation, and let those feet take in the fresh air.  But be sure to tend to any foot problems before you go!  Dr. Abrams will help with any issues you may have.  There are two convenient locations in Central NJ available to tend to your needs. 

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