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Lower Back Pain and Foot Pressure

Do you find that your lower back hurts you a lot?  Many people, no matter what kind of health they are in, suffer from this affliction.  Mechanical low back pain (LBP) is a very common, expensive, and significant health issue we see in the western world.  Many doctors feel that foot pressure is directly correlated to lower back issues.  Functional musculoskeletal conditions are widely thought to cause mechanical low back pain.

However, the role of foot posture and leg length discrepancy in contributing to abnormal biomechanics of the lower back region (lumbopelvic region) has been found to be insufficiently investigated in the medical world.  Some reviewers have, however, examined the evidence for the association between foot function- particularly pronation, and mechanical LBP.  They have found that there is a body of evidence to support the notion that foot posture, particularly hyper pronation, is associated with mechanical low back pain!

It has been investigated as to whether or not the use of foot orthoses play a valuable role in the treatment of this condition.  At the offices of Dr. Eric Abrams, we see many patients suffering from lower back pain, as well as foot pain.  A lot of the time, overweight people and pregnant women are the biggest sufferers.  However, people who spend a lot of time on their feet tend to suffer from not only foot and ankle issues, but lower back pain, as well.

It is one of those annoying afflictions, as it tends to be chronic, but is sometimes more or less painful depending on the day.  Many people don’t realize that their feet are causing this lower back pain.  However, we have found there is often a direct correlation between LBP and foot issues. 

Sometimes, it is an easier fix than the person realizes, too!  A lot of the time, people are simply wearing unsupportive or ill-fitting shoes- and this is the culprit!  Dr. Abrams has had great success in treating this condition with the use of foot orthoses.  He has two convenient central NJ locations to be seen at.  By seeing your podiatrist, you give yourself the gift of not only more comfortable feet, but a more comfortable body, overall- especially when you are amongst the many out there with chronic lower back pain!  Don’t wait, a more comfortable you is simply a phone call away!

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