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Laser Treatment Can Make Those Thickened Toe Nails Look Natural Again


Thickened and yellowed toenails are not just embarrassing, but can also be a serious precursor to more serious health conditions. The skin and tissue surrounding yellowed toenails could possibly contain an infection, such as toenail fungus. For these reasons, you should seek laser treatment from Dr. Eric J. Abrams, at one of his two New Jersey locations (Toms River and Eatontown). Dr. Abrams can discuss the benefits of laser surgery and can help you to develop the right strategy to deal with yellowed and thickened toe nails.   

Some common causes of thickened or yellowed toenails include the following:

  • Bad Circulation – Individuals with conditions such as diabetes have a harder time with circulation of blood to the toe nails, which causes them to get weak more easily and thus prone to infection.
  • Fungus – Yellowing of the toe nails is most likely caused by fungus, which can lead to the nail breaking completely if left untreated.
  • Wounds – Athletics and a general active lifestyle can lead to a higher susceptibility of injury for those with thickened toe nails.                                                                              

Precautions may also be taken to prevent yellowed or thickened toe nails such as eliminating the wet and shady environment that allows fungus to thrive. You can often switch shoes throughout the week or wear open style shoes such as sandals when possible to allow air to dry out any potential moisture buildup under the toe nails. Cotton and foot powders can also absorb moisture to help keep your feet bone-dry.

Thankfully, laser treatment, such as the Q-Laser treatment offered by Dr. Abrams, can help bring yellowed or thickened toe nails back to great condition when precautions were not first taken. The laser pierces the nail and thereby destroys any fungus causing infection. After the laser treatment, the nail eventually rejuvenates over the next 6 months. A new toenail grows into place and chances of reoccurrence are greatly diminished. 

Ultimately, yellowed or thickened toenails likely caused by fungal infections are best diagnosed by a physician. If your toe nails are starting to yellow or thicken, contact Foot and Ankle Affiliates of Central NJ by calling as soon as possible. The Q-Laser treatment offered by physician Dr. Abrams may be the best option for your yellowed or thickened toe nails.

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