LASER Surgery


What is LASER?    LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.  A LASER basically emits energy produced by a light source and can either burn, ablate or destroy cells and tissue in a controlled manner.


Can LASER be used for all types of surgery?  No.  At this time, LASER is a useful tool for skin and soft tissue surgery, and for arthroscopic surgery (Holmium-YAG LASER).  Procedures such as removal of plantar warts, deep seeded calluses and corns, and chronic areas of inflammation around ingrown toenails are excellent uses for the Q-switched ND-YAG LASER in foot and ankle surgery.


How effective is LASER treatment of nail deformities?  The Q-Clear LASER we have in our office is extremely effective in treating thickened, deformed, discolored and unsightly nails often infected with fungus.  It does take 6 months, however, for the treated nails to grow to full length after treatment.


Is LASER surgery less painful?   With the use of the Q-Clear Q-switched ND-YAG LASER, there is often no pain for treatment of toenail fungus and plantar warts.  With some procedures such as tattoo removal and treatment of pigmented benign skin lesions, we may suggest a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure.


Does a procedure using LASER cost more?  When covered by insurance, surgery using the LASER costs the same as the exact surgical procedure without the use of LASER.  There is no additional cost to the patient when LASER is used.  It is up to the surgeon to choose what method he/she feels is best for a particular case.  Some procedures are not covered by insurance (Nail Fungus treatment, tattoo removal, spider vein treatment).