We are proud to introduce the latest state of the art technology in our practice. 


Footmaxx is the leader in Computerized Pressure Gait Analysis and fabrication of custom orthotics for in professional sports. Footmaxx orthotics are used by 29 of 30 MLB baseball teams and 13 NFL football teams. They have been endorsed by the Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society since 1996. 


This system is available in our Gait Analysis lab.  A patient walks over a special platform of over 900 sensors which assess the complete function of his/her foot based upon pressure from the time the foot contacts the ground (heel strike) until the time the toes push off (toe-off).  This allows us to completely evaluate the function of the foot during the  "Contact Phase" of gait. 

In our clinical opinion, no other orthotic device that we have seen is made to alter the function of the foot like the devices fabricated by the Footmaxx scan.  Traditional orthotics are made from a mold of a patient's foot while seated, which provides a static or non-weightbearing mold or shell.  The Footmaxx orthotic is devised based on computerized analysis of a patient's foot function while walking!  This is what makes these devices superior in design and patient satisfaction. 
The most exciting use of this technology is gait analysis of the diabetic patient.  This scan can help identify abnormal peak pressures which can become diabetic foot ulcers, often progressing to amputation.  Studies have shown up to a 66% reduction of peak pressures in the foot using a Footmaxx orthotic versus the same foot without the orthotic.

 The different types of Footmaxx orthotic include: