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Custom orthotics effectively relieve foot pain, improve sports performance, correct abnormal movement, and prevent diabetic foot ulcers. At Foot & Ankle Affiliates, Eric Abrams, DPM offers advanced gait analysis and exceptional orthotic options with the innovative Footmaxx™ computerized system. To learn more about how custom orthotics can help you, call one of the offices in Eatontown and Toms River, New Jersey, or schedule an appointment online.

Custom Orthotics

What are custom orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that support your foot and correct abnormal foot function or irregular walking patterns. The commercial orthotics available in your pharmacy may provide relief from mild foot pain, but they don’t offer therapeutic treatment for gait and structural problems.

By comparison, custom orthotics are designed to treat your individual problems. Customized orthotics can:

  • Control foot movement or function
  • Correct imbalances
  • Provide stability
  • Absorb shock
  • Cushion and protect
  • Eliminate strain and pain
  • Offset pressure from wounds and deformities

Dr. Abrams can prescribe orthotics customized to improve athletic performance. They’re also an option for treating numerous foot conditions, including Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, and bunions.

What are traditional orthotics?

Traditional orthotics are made by taking a cast of your foot or using a 3D scan to produce an image of your foot. Your cast is done while you stay seated, creating a non-weight bearing model that’s used to produce your shoe insert.

Both methods provides reliable custom orthotics that effectively treat many foot problems. 

How will I benefit from Footmaxx orthotics?

In the Footmaxx computerized gait analysis lab at Foot & Ankle Affiliates, patients walk over the Footmaxx platform while more than 900 sensors assess the biomechanical function of their feet. From the moment your foot touches the ground until your toes push off, every movement is recorded.  

Your customized orthotic is then developed by Footmaxx based on the computerized analysis of your foot while you walk. This process results in a superior orthotic design compared to standard inserts designed from a static mold or image.

The Footmaxx computer analysis can identify areas most likely to cause a diabetic foot ulcer and prevent pressure sores. It’s also an exceptional tool for professional athletes. Footmaxx orthotics are used by nearly all major league baseball teams and 13 NFL teams.

Footmaxx produces custom inserts such as:

Sports orthotics

This pro-line includes high-end orthotics for basketball, tennis, baseball, football, skiing, skating, and golf.

Dress shoe orthotics

This line includes orthotics for women’s fashion shoes with up to 2 inch heels and loafers or Oxford-style dress shoes for men and women.

Athletic shoes

You can choose from several styles of running, hiking, and other sports shoes. 

If you have questions about custom orthotics, call Foot & Ankle Affiliates, or request an appointment online.